Lilypad Lullaby 3-in-1 Projector™

The goal of this design was to introduce something new and incremental to the current retail landscape of soothers and night lights. What makes this toy innovative is the combination of features included in one item as well as the "grow-with-me" aspect. Parents can select any combination of ceiling projection, soothing sounds, and night light for their child. The spherical form and lily pad base allow for rotation and projection angle adjustments. As the child gets older, their nightlight becomes a bedside toy lantern for them to play with for fun, or have courage and comfort in the night for things like going to the bathroom. Retailers of this toy include Toys R Us, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby, and Amazon. Design is patent pending.

Initial research and inspiration - explored areas to approach the category in a different way so that the design would be innovative, impactful, and meaningful. I had the opportunity to meet with parents of 0-18 month old children to understand their experience with bedtime, and what other elements are involved day-to-day that influence the overall attitude of both the parent and child towards bedtime. 
The inspiration of a lantern became the strongest while developing concepts. Lanterns provide a sense of comfort and safety. They are easily recognized by both children and adults and hold a sense of nostalgia.  Lanterns are found in many contexts as they illuminate, lead, guide, and enhance the overall experience in any situation.  (Different directions and designs that were explored cannot be shared due to contractual obligations)   

Unfortunately, certain aspects (additional concepts, drawings, ideation and CAD variations) of this project cannot be shown and are limited due to contractual obligations. Please feel free to contact me if you should have any questions.