Light up Lagoon™ Activity Gym


The Light Up Lagoon™ Activity Gym creates a soothing encompassing environment for baby to play and grow. The driving inspiration for this design was a foam tube lit with LED lights inside. To showcase this new feature, different frames and canopy structures were explored to enhance the mesmerizing light display and to differentiate this gym among others in retail. Other factors that had to be considered included manufacturing costs, safety, and the ability to be put in packaging with easy assembly for the consumer. Current retailers include Walmart and Amazon. Design is patent pending. 

Concept sketch
Orthographic views for specs

Worked with engineers to look at mock-up samples and CAD models to refine stability and weight distribution of the electronics in the canopy. The final design solved the problem of being too top-heavy and expensive to assemble in production, while also meeting all safety requirements.  

Currently on retail at Walmart and Amazon
Final pack-out 

Currently sold at Walmart and Target.

Same concept is now sold at Target as the Lights & Giggles Activity Gym

Unfortunately for the projects shared above, certain aspects (additional concepts, drawings, ideation and CAD variations) cannot be shown and are limited due to contractual obligations. Please feel free to contact me if you should have any questions.